Hundreds of doctors abandon FYROM each year

Hundreds of doctors abandon FYROM each year

Skopje, September 12, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Each year, doctors and experts in medicine are abandoning the country. According to the data of the Association of Private Doctors, hundreds of doctors abandon the country each year.

“The trend of the departure of doctors and specialists of medicine is worrying and in the past two years alone, over 280 doctors have abandoned the country. This is due to the failure of government health policies which provide an unacceptable reform for doctors. Policy makers in the health system have created a provocative situation for doctors with the claim that they are not motivated to work based on the reforms being made. But, the situation is entirely different, because doctors are not happy with these failed reforms”, said the head of the Association of Private Doctors, Lilija Calakova.

This association held strikes in 2012 in the medical centers of Skopje as a sign of discontent about the reforms, but they did not achieve anything.

Doctors demand a fixed salary of 700 Euros a month. As of 2010 and until now, over 600 doctors have requested to move abroad. Among them, there are also renowned specialists. /ibna/