Hukusi Akar: Attempts to mitigate and deflect Turkish guarantees in Cyprus are futile

Hukusi Akar: Attempts to mitigate and deflect Turkish guarantees in Cyprus are futile

Turkey, as in the past, will continue to be the biggest support for Turkish Cypriots today

By Michalis Michael

There is no point in trying to mitigate and deflect Turkey’s guarantees in Cyprus, according to Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, adding that “it is a futile effort”. On the eastern Mediterranean, the Turkish Minister said that “Turkey has shown over the last ten years that it is very determined and plan-driven and aware”, adding that “it will be beneficial for all parties to realize this as soon as possible and to review their activities based on that”. The Turkish Minister said that “Turkey and the Turkish Armed Forces are ready to do whatever it takes”.

Addressing a reception last night at the Veterans’ Club on the occasion of the August 1 anniversary, which has been established as the “day of the Turkish armed forces” of the Turkish occupied part of Cyprus and at the same time it is the 61st anniversary of the establishment of TMT, and as the Cypriot newspaper reports, the Turkish minister said that “the Turkish Armed Forces, just like 45 years ago when they carried out the ‘peace operation’ (1974 invasion) today also are close to the Turkish Cypriots and are moving resolutely for their rights and interests”. The Turkish Minister said that “the Greek Cypriot administration of southern Cyprus”, as he calls the Government of the Republic of Cyprus, did not accept the ‘TRNC’ proposal to establish a joint commission on the eastern Mediterranean hydrocarbons. “Turkey argues that the areas of maritime jurisdiction in the eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus, the protection of equal sovereign rights and the fair sharing of resources must be defined by the agreement of all coastal states”, he pointed out.

Regarding the guarantees in Cyprus, Hulusi Akar said that “there is no point in trying to mitigate and divert Turkey’s guarantees”. “It’s a futile effort. Turkey is a guarantor on the island of Cyprus and will use this right in the most effective way today as it did yesterday. Our activities, both those entrusted to us by the ‘TRNC’ and those under our country’s maritime competence, continue and will continue without delay and uninterruptedly as planned. No one has the right to change this course. And we will continue our work to implement these”, he said.

According to him, Turkey is making efforts to resolve problems in the Aegean, Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus in the framework of good neighborly relations. “In this regard we have done our part and we continue to do so. Everyone should be aware that what we do derives from international law. Our wish is that Greece and the ‘Greek Cypriot administration of southern Cyprus’ in the framework of good neighborly relations seek an answer to the question ‘what can we all gain’ with regard to fair sharing of resources with respect to international law and everyone to know that moving with that thought will be more rational, more positive and more beneficial. We are in favor of resolving the problems in the Aegean, the Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus with the cooperation and mutual trust with the new government formed in Greece. We have taken several initiatives on this issue so far, working in the same way we will continue our efforts to find solutions to the problems”, he said.

Hulusi Akar argued that Turkey and the Turkish Armed Forces are the strongest guarantee for stability and security in the region and will continue to be.

The Defence Minister said the goal is to bring peace and lasting stability to the island, adding that they are confident that a bi-communal, bi-zonal solution based on political equality, fair, permanent and comprehensive will bring peace, tranquility and stability to the island. Finally, he reiterated that Turkey, as in the past, will continue to be the biggest support for the Turkish Cypriots today./ibna