How much does it cost to save Gruevski?

How much does it cost to save Gruevski?

Erol RizaovSaving Nikola Gruevski and his closest associates from prison costs as much as the future of Macedonia. This needs to be shown by the parliamentary debate that starts today for constitutional changes for all who still have dilemmas why the Prespa Agreement is a document of historic significance that determines the survival, security and development of the country, prevents the breakup of Macedonia and places it in the European family. Guarantors for this are the majority of citizens, 609,000, who have already spoken their minds. The European Union, NATO, the United Nations and the international community are also significant guarantors.

Contrary to them is the leadership of VMRO-DPMNE, along with the president of the state, who decided to halt justice and protect the former party top, while valuing the criminogenic gang over the state. So much for their patriotism. Those fake teachers declared everyone who for various reasons abstained in the referendum, as their allies. Those who are abroad, those who are dead, and thousands of ‘phantoms’ placed in the VMRO-MVRO election lists and, of course, those who boycotted under the instruction of the opposition party.

Will the MPs of VMRO-DPMNE accept the directive of the party leadership and their mentors who sit every day in the dock will find out the next days, but given the VMRO-directives it’s hard to believe in success. Whether the courage, historical responsibility and conscience of those who know things very well will be stronger, or the party obedience and the fear of the long, but already crippled arm of VMRO-DPMNE will be seen in the Assembly, before the eyes of the entire public.

The parliamentarians of the pro-European parties that make up the majority and have already ratified the Agreement of Greece twice with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev should once again break into pieces the three major lies still used by the office of the previous leadership of VMRO-DPMNE for manipulation, and these lies are: that they are for the EU and NATO, that they could reach a better agreement with Greece, that the basic identities of the Macedonian people are endangered, that the name of the state is changing.

The determination for EU and NATO membership is pointless if the Prespa Agreement and the constitutional changes are not accepted in accordance with the agreement. This has already been said by all competent institutions of both NATO and the EU and several world statesmen, diplomats and authorities who are proven friends of Macedonia, but also of VMRO-DPMNE. Categorically without reservations, it is said that there will be no accession into NATO and start of negotiations with the EU without constitutional changes. This is understandable for primary school children, the leadership of VMRO-DPMNE rejects it arrogantly along with all the consequences for the future of Macedonia. There are no significant institutions and unions in the world from the UN, NATO and the EU, including the highest statesmen whose countries constitute these alliances, who have not addressed to Macedonia these past months and the country’s political leaders, but also all citizens. Only God has not yet addressed and asked the robbers to have more understanding for their people. I am deeply convinced that at least half of VMRO-DPMNE’s MPs are aware that the Euro-Atlantic integration is not possible without the acceptance of the Agreement, and the entire composition of the party leadership knows that a better agreement than this is not possible. Their deception in this case is the alleged misconception that they will win the extraordinary parliamentary election and that the regime of Gruevski will come back to life.

The second lie, which is still persistently placed on the social networks and which is mainly prepared and used by nationalists, chauvinists and so-called “useful fools”, which is that the Macedonians, by accepting the Agreement, would lose their national identity and will no longer be Macedonians, they would lose their language, citizenship and their history. Nothing of these things, and I mean nothing, would be lost. Nationality is a universal category and no one can forbid Macedonians to be Macedonians. That’s been said a million times.

The Macedonian language was not recognized only by the UN since 1977, but much earlier by the linguistic science as one of the Indo-European languages, as one of the Slavic languages. Citizenship under the Agreement in all documents of the citizens is Macedonian. As for the history, it is finally left to actual scientists, after a decade of delay, who should cleanse it from the ideology and fakes that have made a devastation in the minds of the Macedonians. So the knowledge that history cannot be erased is prevailing. What happened has happened and cannot be changed, no matter how politicians and instant historians, who write history according to the DIY template, try to beatify it. Only falsifications that overflow the history of all Balkan nations and states will be erased.

And finally the lie with the change of the name of the country. It is a manipulative half-truth. The essential name of the state of MACEDONIA remains untouched. The assignment is in the addition North. Over 20 countries in the world have geographical additions, and none of them have national affiliation. After an exhaustive debate in the Parliament, everyone in the country should be convinced that neither the Agreement with Greece, nor the EU and NATO membership is at stake, but the prevention of Macedonia becoming part of Europe due to the rescue of Gruevski and his associates. Then we need to hold elections. So let the citizens choose what is more valuable – the country or the gang.

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