Hotels in FYROM subject to a new system of evaluation

Hotels in FYROM subject to a new system of evaluation

Skopje, June 23, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Ahead of the summer season in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Ministry of Economy has changed the regulation for the categorization of hotels and other hospitality services.

This regulation will clarify the conditions and standards of “stars” for all hotels in the country. Present in the drafting of the new regulation have been representatives of the Hotel Association in the country.

Krste Blazevski said that the new regulation will redefine the categorization of hotels and the conditions that they offer.

“The evaluation of hotels so far has been made based on the European Association of Hotels, but with several changes made by us. But, the new standards will differ and the evaluation will be a point based one and there will be more frequent inspections on hotels”, said Blazevski.

An evaluation will also be done for private companies that offer holiday apartments. These apartments meet the criteria  for tourist resorts and the tourist demands.

Summer tourism in FYROM has several preferred locations such as the Ohrid Lake, Prespa Lake and the Lake of Dojran. The country also has several locations for mountain tourism. /ibna/