All hopes cling on the international community for the solution of the crisis

All hopes cling on the international community for the solution of the crisis

IBNA Special Report

Skopje, April 3, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Without the active engagement of the international community, there will be no serious signals for the solution of the political crisis in FYR Macedonia.

The two largest political parties, VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM (Macedonian Social Democratic League) in opposition have launched stronger accusations against each other.

This is happening even after the start of political dialogue in Brussels with the aim of overcoming the deep political crisis. Political parties have not lowered their political tones in order to give way to a transparent process, by avoiding strong accusations.

Political protagonists and analysts say that this situation shows that the current crisis cannot be overcome without the help of the international community.

Andrej Zernovski, chairman of the Center borough in Skopje and representative of the opposition, says that the current situation is becoming harsher and that the crisis cannot be overcome without intervention from abroad. “Unfortunately, we must admit that we cannot overcome this crisis on our own, because this is a deep crisis, which at this moment we can say that the state is in total collapse”, Zernovski declared.

He hopes that the negotiations started in Brussels with the intermediacy of MEPs Eduard Kukan, Ivo Vajgl and Richard Howitt will yield the expected results. “They will act in a very careful way because this is a serious crisis”, said Zernovski.

Political analyst, Ibrahim Mehmeti told IBNA that the international factor, especially the EU, must dictate Macedonian political sides by exerting pressure in order to finalize a solution. He believes that after the negotiations in Brussels, an inquiry committee must be appointed to investigate the wiretapping case made public by the opposition, but even the “Putsch” case which relates to the charges against opposition leader Zoran Zaev for espionage and collaboration with foreign secret services.

“The international factor must sit all sides on the table in order for an inquiry committee to be appointed. Such committee must enjoy credibility and legitimacy to be as functional as possible. This can only be secured by the international factor through pressure. I believe that at this moment, there must not only be intervention from MEPs, but also the European Commission and other external factors that are considered as allies of Macedonia, such as USA”, Mehmeti declared.

The citizens also believe that the crisis can be overcome through international pressure.

Nebi S, a lawyer from Skopje, says that the assistance of the international community is unavoidable, because instead of reducing tension, the two largest political parties are mounting political tension.

“There is no solution and I don’t hope on anything without EU or US engagement. We’re seeing that after the first round of talks in Brussels, parties have mounted tension even more. As citizens, we count on the international factor, which may channel this situation and find a solution”, says Nebi S.

Negotiations for the solution of the political crisis will continue after the Orthodox Eater in Brussels with the involvement of the three MEPs. In the first meeting, sides have come to no agreement. Party in power, VMRO-DPMNE has rejected the main request of the Macedonian opposition for the creation of an interim government and the resignation of the current General Attorney.

The country entered a crisis after the publication of the wiretapping scandal by the opposition, whereby registered conversations of state officials showed cases of pressure against other institutions, corruption and criminal acts, including electoral rigging. /ibna/