Holland – Turkey diplomatic row intensifies

Holland – Turkey diplomatic row intensifies


Holland’s decision not to allow Turkish ministers to speak in Rotterdam as well as the Turkish Foreign Minister’s and the Minister of Family Affairs’ persistence to travel to the country have blown out of control.

Due to this situation serious incidents have erupted in Rotterdam, Dutch authorities have deported the Turkish minister and Erdogan is threatening Amsterdam with retaliation. Denmark is requesting that the Turkish Prime Minister cancels his trip indicating that a European front is being created against the Turkish president who is insisting on making pre-election rallies in EU countries!

Dutch deportation of Erdogan’s Minister

The feud culminated on Saturday night, when the Dutch authorities prevented the Minister of Family Affairs Fatma Betoul Kaya to enter the Turkish Consulate in Rotterdam. Hundreds gathered outside holding Turkish flags requesting to see the minister which police officers prevented from doing so resulting in demonstrations. It was evident that Kaya would carry out a pre-election speech on the referendum in Turkey, something which the Netherlands had made clear it would not allow.

The Dutch police violently broke up the crowd. The police arrested the minister and deported her back to Germany from which country she had driven to Holland from. “People need to take a stand in the name of democracy against this fascist act! This behaviour towards a woman minister should never be accepted”, Kaya stated when she returned to Turkey.

However the Dutch government made it’s position clear by saying that “the visit of Betoul Fatma Kaya was irresponsible. Through contact with the Turkish authorities we repeatedly stated that Kaya was not welcome in the Netherlands. But she decided to travel.” Kaya had arrived in Rotterdam by car from Düsseldorf.

This incident came after the Dutch authorities did not allow the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu to land in Rotterdam. The Turkish minister had also intended to make an election speech. In the last minute the Dutch authorities canceled the landing authorization of an aircraft that the Minister would have been traveling in and invoked “security reasons”.

Erdogan: You are Nazi remnants, Fascists and you will pay the price

Erdogan’s reply following the incidents was scathing. The Turkish President threatened with retaliation. “You can cancel the flight of our Foreign Minister, but lets see how your flights will come to Turkey now. They do not know about diplomacy or politics. They are Nazi remnants. They are fascists”, said the Turkish president in a speech on Saturday.

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte described the Turkish President’s statement on “Nazis and Fascists” as  “crazy”. “I understand they are angry” he added “but this crosses the line”.

You are a ‘banana republic’

Erdogan, attacked Holland again on Sunday and said they would “pay the price for the shameful treatment of the Family Affairs Minister with a behaviour reminiscent of Nazism and fascism. You will pay because you have harmed relations between Turkey and the Netherlands and decided to sacrifice them at the elections altar”, he added. “They would definitely pay the price and they will learn what diplomacy means. We will teach them international diplomacy”, he said speaking at an event in Istanbul. However the statement that followed was not diplomatic at all “the Netherlands behaved like a banana republic”, the Turkish President said.

“We have complained about the situation in the most intense way and it has been passed on to the Dutch authorities that there will be retaliation in the toughest way. We will respond accordingly to this unacceptable behaviour,” said the Prime Minister of Turkey, Binali Yildirim.

Man raises Turkish Flag at the Dutch consulate in Istanbul

The political climate in Turkey is bordering on dangerous since demonstrators invaded the Dutch consulate in Istanbul, at Pera street, lowered the Dutch flag and hoisted the Turkish flag raising questions about the safety of Dutch employees. The flag was waving for over two hours and the Turkish police watched developments without intervening.

The Dutch foreign ministry warned that those who are responsible for the safety of Dutch diplomats are solely the Turkish authorities, thus sending a clear message to Ankara.

But Turkey has already made it clear that it is temporarily prohibiting the entry of the Dutch ambassador – who was away on leave – back into the country. In addition access around the Dutch embassy in Ankara has been prohibited.

Cavusoglu in France without any problems – “The Netherlands is the capital of fascism”

The Turkish Foreign Minister visited the city of Metz in France without any obstacles on Sunday. There he stated that “Turkey is waiting to see if European countries would criticise Holland’s “fascist act”.

“The Netherlands, the self-proclaimed capital of democracy, and I am placing this in quotation marks, because it is in fact the capital of fascism” Cavusoglu stated during his speech to the Turks in France.

“For our citizens’ democratic rights to be prevented this is the equivalent of a re-erection of the Berlin Wall” stated Turkey’ EU Minister Omer Celik in a tweet and continued stressing that “this is an attempt to split Europe up again through the wall of shame. The first brick was placed by the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The racist, xenophobe Wilders has won the elections in the Netherlands. Do not bother showing up for the elections Rutte”, said Celik./ΙΒΝΑ