“Historic slap” in Republika Srpska National Assembly

“Historic slap” in Republika Srpska National Assembly

The Minister of Interior Affairs in Republika Srpska Government, Dragan Lukač, lost his temper during a speech in Republika Srpska National Assembly and hit an opposition MP in the face.

The incident occurred on Monday night, during the special session dedicated to the so-called “Program of Reforms”, the document that was the key for unblocking the establishment of the new BiH Council of Ministers. Republika Srpska opposition parties stated that the document represents a step forward in the path toward NATO, despite the fact that the ruling coalition voted in favour of Republika Srpska military neutrality. Accusing Serb member of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, for treason, opposition parties, SDS and PDP, triggered tensions during Dodik’s address to the Assembly.

Draško Stanivuković, one of youngest MPs well known as the “incident man”, brought NATO flags and started giving them to members of the Government, saying that they should have them on the way to NATO. At one point it was obvious that Republika Srpska PM, Radovan Višković, tries to stand up from his place with an angry face, but Minister of Justice, Anton Kasipović, grabbed him by the hand and prevented the incident.

The session was paused and after it resumed the opposition accused the ruling coalition and Milorad Dodik that they did not present the real document in RSNA. Allegedly, one document was sent to Brussels and a changed copy was presented to Republika Srpska MPs.

And then, it happened…

Minister Lukač tried to say a few words but Stanivuković was very loud in mentioning NATO. Lukač, in a very unpleasant manner, tried to explain to young MP that NATO bombed Serbs during war 1992-1995 and that many Serb soldiers were killed.

“You maybe do not understand that. If you continue to provoke, you will finish as these NATO flags”, Lukač said pointing to the floor.

On the video it is obvious that Stanivuković replied and Lukač dared him to come closer. When Stanivuković did, Lukač threw some papers toward him and then hit him on the face, calling him a “monkey”.

Later, Lukač said that he “did not know what Stanivuković had in his hands” and pushed him in an attempt to protect himself from a possible attack.

The rest of the session was no better. The Opposition successfully provoked Dodik who called one of the MPs a “horse” and sharply attacked the Assembly Speaker for his inability to impose order.

Stanivuković, after incident with Lukač, in statement for media called the citizens on mass protest on Friday in Banja Luka to “finally remove these abusers from power”. It means that the “Assembly slap”, even it was not too loud, will have a very boisterous echo on future relations in Republika Srpska.

This is not the first time that Stanivuković is in the middle of a noisy protest. A year ago, during demonstrations of “Justice for David” group that demanded the clearing up of the David Dragičević murder case, Stanivuković was one of the loudest protesters. About 300 citizens gathered on the place where the first in the line of New Year concerts supposed to take place and prevented the singer from coming on the scene. Stanivuković became famous for yelling “There is no New Year!”. All three planned concerts were cancelled.

Will the New Year celebration this time take place or is Stanivuković planning to prevent it once more?/ibna