Historic record of exports

Historic record of exports

The new high and the turn of Greek exporters to markets outside the EU is reflected in the analysis of the Pan-Hellenic Exporters’ Association on the Hellenic Statistical Authorities’ (HSA) provisional data on the export trend in 2017.

According to an analysis by the Pan-Hellenic Exporters’ Association and the Center for Export Research and Studies, on HSA’s provisional data, exports, including petroleum products, in the whole of 2017, i.e. between January and December 2017, increased by 13.2% and amounted to EUR 28.46 billion from EUR 25.15 billion in the corresponding period of 2016. The previous record of extroversion was in 2012, when the total value of Greek exports had reached 27.34 billion euros.

High record even without oil products

A new record was recorded by Greek exports without calculating oil prices. In particular, the value of exports excluding oil products over the whole of 2017 was up 7.1% or € 1.32 billion to € 19.98 billion from € 18.65 billion in the corresponding period of 2016. The previous record of extroversion without oil was 2016 when their total value was set at 18.36 billion euros.

In particular, based on HSA’s provisional data, Greece’s exports to the EU (28), including petroleum products, now account for 53.1% of total exports. Their share in 2016 amounted to 55.7%. On the other hand, exports to third countries in 2017 increased significantly, accounting for 46.9% of total exports from 44.3% in the same year last year.

Italy continues to be the most important destination for Greek exports in 2017, followed by Germany. Turkey ranks 3rd, topping Cyprus, which was in the third place last year. Bulgaria remained in 5th place as was in 2016. In the 6th position, with Lebanon rising by two positions from the same year last year, in the 7th place are the United States (that dropped a ‘notch’), the United Kingdom in the 8th place (from 7th place). The top ten of the main destinations is made of Romania in the 9th place and France in the 10th -one position up compared to last year…/IBNA