Himara will never be a Greek town, says Albanian PM

Himara will never be a Greek town, says Albanian PM

Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama has commented today the situation between Albania and Greece, following his declaration that the Acropolis was saved by an Albanian, the situation in Himara and the issue of expropriations there.

In today’s parliamentary session, he said that an international debate has been provoked as a result of several revolted residents because of the plan for the improvement of urban infrastructure of Himara.

Rama said that that town has entered the path of a crucial transformation, which is tangible by the community and everyone who visits Himara, without the company of the head of the Unity for Human Rights Party, Vangjel Dule.

“Himara is not the only place where expropriations for the interest of the general public have been done. Expropriations are a routine procedure, which are the same everywhere. Surprisingly, there are disgruntled people in Tropoja too, but we don’t see any other state concerned about them”, Rama said.

As far as the issue of the posting that he made several days ago where he showed an engraving of the Acropolis, Rama said:

“Why all this wrath? Or is it because people read there that in the Athens of that period, Albanian was spoken? And this is not said by me, but by serious historians. Albanians and Greeks must feel better when anything evidence that shows that the two nations have helped each other throughout time comes to light. Why should the neighboring country be upset when I say that Albanian was spoken there and when I say that yesterday’s Athens does not become Albanian just because Albanian was spoken there and Himara doesn’t become Greek if Greek is spoken there?”, Rama said.

Rama said that there are real issues that must be addressed in the spirit of solidarity that the history of these neighboring relations has generated between the two countries.

Dule: Properties in Himara are being robbed

Meanwhile, the leader of PBDNJ, the party that defends the rights of the Greek community in Albania, also addressed MPs. Vangjel Dule accused PM Edi Rama that he’s trying to rob properties in Himara.

He said that selective demolitions are taking place at a time when there are flagrant violations with constructions in Qepara, in the name of urban renaissance.

Referring to the protests held for several days in a row by several residents of Himara, who are against the urban planning, which according to them robs them of their properties, Dule considered Rama as a fake and racist patriot, who along with his entourage, he’s robbing the properties of the residents of this town.

“Why does Himara, which has been one of the cradles of resistance against communism after WW2, have to pay so dearly? Because we have an adventurer as the head of state. This Prime Minister has made steps backwards in the good relations that have existed between the neighboring countries”, Dule declared. /balkaneu.com/