“Himara”, Albanian Foreign Ministry: Athens doesn’t have in-depth knowledge of the situation, the declaration contained threatening tones

“Himara”, Albanian Foreign Ministry: Athens doesn’t have in-depth knowledge of the situation, the declaration contained threatening tones

The Albanian Foreign Ministry issues a note of protest to the Greek side and summons the ambassador for clarifications

The debate on Himara is becoming even harsher and the reactions for the demolition of several houses in this southern town of Albania are escalating.

The Albanian Foreign Ministry considers the recent declaration issued by the Greek Foreign Ministry that you can find by clicking here, as threatening and unacceptable.

Two days ago, the Greek Foreign Ministry demanded from Albanian authorities to review a decision that demolishes 19 houses in the town of Himara, to give way to the implementation of an urban project for the continuation of the rehabilitation of the town center.

“The protection of property rights, and in particular of minority rights, is an integral part of the five conditions set by the European Union in order to start negotiations for the accession of Albania to the EU. Therefore, if Albania sincerely wishes to join the European Union, it should demonstrate in practice that it functions according to the principles of the rule of law, protecting the rights of all its residents regardless of their nationality and origin, against abuses and illegal acts”, the Greek Foreign Ministry’s statement said.

This declaration followed an official stance issued by the Albanian Foreign Ministry. “We must stress that the stances of the Greek Foreign Ministry do not cease to surprise us. The threatening tones of the declaration and the little knowledge that they have on the situation and circumstances, cannot be understood in today’s Europe and they act only as a message destined for domestic consumption”, said the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry, Glevin Dervishi.

“The repeated declarations of the Greek Foreign Ministry and the anachronism used on the issue of Himara are unacceptable and against the fundamental principles of the rule of law, principles that guide the activity of the institutions of the Albanian state”, says the Albanian Foreign Ministry in its statement.

Glevin Dervishi said that the Albanian Foreign Ministry has summoned the Greek ambassador to Tirana for clarifications and has expressed to her the aforementioned stance. /IBNA/

MFA announcement on the threat of demolition of homes belonging to members of the Greek National Minority

The photo was published by PBDNJ suggesting that the demolition of the Ikonomi family’s house unilaterally, while beside it there are 11 storey apartment blocks of the businessman and left wing politician Koco Kokedhima