The heroin ring is being revealed

The heroin ring is being revealed


Review Hari Stefanatos

A 52-year-old businessman who is engaged in the market oil products appears as the lessee of the ship «Noor 1» that was carrying two tons of heroin from Pakistan to Eleusis. According to confirmed information from the newspaper “Kathimerini”, the 52-year-old has already testified informally to the men of the Coast Guard investigating the case.

He reportedly confirmed that he proceeded to charter a ship to transport oil between Iran – Libya, but claimed ignorance about the load of drugs.

Speaking to the ‘Kathimerini’, a source with knowledge of the course of investigations hinted that the next few hours the prosecuting and judicial authorities could bring charges against the businessman for his involvement in trafficking heroin.

At the same time, a source from his environment said last night that the 52-year-old might appear voluntarily before the officers of the Central Port Authority of Piraeus to give new explanations for his role in the case.

The «Noor 1», which was identified last Thursday moored in marina Vlicha, is owned by Klik Shipmanagement.

The legal representative of the company, 52-year-od K.A. is among the 14 people who were arrested pending the detection (Sunday morning) of the second load of heroin weighing 986 kilos. There is also an investigation on the role of her husband, who, according to information from the Ministry of Mercantile Marine, appears as the owner of, the under the flag of Togo, smuggling ship. Apart from the 52-year-old, arrested for the second consignment of heroin is another Greek.

It is about K.K., described as a close associate of the 40 year old shipowner E.G. (arrested on 13 June), and was allegedly responsible for the transportation of heroin from «Noor 1» to the house in Filothei, and to both warehouses in Koropi.

Finally, police investigates the role of another businessman and partner of the 40-year-old remanded shipowner. The involvement in the trafficking of heroin is being denied by the Ministry of Mercantile Marine, but unconfirmed information link him with a change in ownership of the ship that was carrying the drugs.

The Safety of Central Port Authority of Piraeus succeeded in detecting the second load of heroin as well, thanks to information provided by the testimony of one of the persons arrested in the case of the seizure of 1.13 tons of heroin on June 12.

This 29 year old foreigner, who presented himself voluntarily to the authorities and was remanded after his tesrmony. The 40-year old owner E.G. and his former wife of Mr. S. had indicated the 29 year old as the person who, without their knowledge, had implicated them in the drug trafficking case. A witness however, places the 29-year old and the remanded owner E.G. in Vlicha at the time of the the arrival of “Noor 1”.

From the second round of arrests – investigations showed that the drugs were loaded in May in the sea area off the coast of Oman and that the vessel arrived at Eleusis on June 7, reporting damage. The load was accompanying an Iranian national who was arrested in the old poultry farm in Koropi, where the “ring” had hidden 986kg of heroin after the first arrests.

(Source: News247)