Healed relations between Serbia and Montenegro

Healed relations between Serbia and Montenegro


By Milos Mitrovic – Belgrade

Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic and his Serbian counterpart Ivica Dacic have concluded that the relations between two countries “are moving forward after the period of pause”. During his first visit to Belgrade in 10 years, Djukanovic stressed “there are no opened issues that cannot be resolved”. Djukanovic and Dacic have agreed “all issues should be settled with respect of the interests of the two countries”.

Serbian PM said the recognition of the independence of Kosovo by Montenegro has been “wrong decision”; however, Serbia had no intention to act in defiance in that regard, he added. Dacic said that despite the recognition of Kosovo independence, Montenegro has demonstrated its comprehension for the Serbian position with regard to ongoing negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina.

Djukanovic expressed his contentment owing to “permanent advance” of the bilateral relations “which are considerably healed after the period of certain problems caused by the issues affecting the whole region”. “There is no serious problem nor the problem that cannot be resolved”, Montenegrin PM emphasized.

He said that the minority rights were among the subject he discussed with Dacic; Dacic rendered that “Serbia is interested for the position of Serbian people in Montenegro just as Montenegro is interested for Montenegrin which live here”.

Stressing good relations between Serbia and Montenegro, Djukanovic recalled “consensual break-up” by two, thus alluding to 2006 referendum when the majority in Montenegro voted for an independent state. The secession was conducted “in a way which was not usual in the Balkans”, and both Montenegro and Serbia have demonstrated “their democratic maturity”, Djukanovic explained.

In the talks on dual citizenship, the prime ministers stated that the two countries have different concepts for solving this issue, adding that at the moment it is difficult to reach a compromise. Dacic said that Serbia and Montenegro should not make a drama out of this issue, while Djukanovic underlined that room for a compromise will be made with time and with less politicization of the issue.

Djukanovic also met Serbian Deputy PM Aleksandar Vucic and Parliament president Nebojsa Stefanovic. Montenegrin PM has laid a wreath in the court yard of Serbian government building, in the place where Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic has been assassinated in 2003. “To Zoran Djindjic, first democratically elected premier of Serbia and my dear friend, Milo Djukanovic, president of the government of Montenegro”, he stated in the wreath inscription.