Head of Bulgaria’s anti-corruption commission given bodyguards after threats

Head of Bulgaria’s anti-corruption commission given bodyguards after threats

National Protection Service bodyguards have been assigned to the head of Bulgaria’s anti-corruption commission, Plamen Georgiev, after threats against him were received.

Georgiev told reporters on April 2 that he had a received a threat “which was considered by other authorities to be quite serious” and this had been followed by attacks on him in the media.

The body he heads is investigating allegations against various senior figures linked to Bulgaria’s ruling majority in connection with them having acquired apartments from a company at below-market prices. All deny wrongdoing.

In recent days, there have been reports in some media alleging discrepancies in the assets declarations that Georgiev is required by law to lodge.

Georgiev described these reports as an attempt to compromise him and denied that there are any discrepancies in his property declarations. He said that “oligarchs” were behind the attacks on him.

“People holding media, people who have 198 million reasons to conduct a compromising war against us. I will not explain. Let those people who have the illegal means explain,” he said.

Georgiev said, in regard to the allegations against him regarding his property declaration: “Why up to now has no one asked for a check?”

The matter could be referred to prosecutors, Parliament or the commission that Georgiev heads, he said. “The whole commission, five people can check me. No one is submissive to me,” he said.

The controversy about the allegations of the acquisition of cut-price apartments have led to the resignation of Bulgaria’s justice minister, two deputy ministers, and of GERB deputy leader Tsvetan Tsvetanov as a member of Parliament. The company named in the controversy, Arteks Engineering, is also being investigated. It too denies wrongdoing and has threatened court action in connection with media reports and public statements about the matter./IBNA