Hate language becomes stronger ahead of the election campaign in FYROM

Hate language becomes stronger ahead of the election campaign in FYROM

The hate vocabulary has become stronger ahead of the start of the election campaign in FYROM. Social networks have been filled with ethnic slogans, which according to activists of civil society, they have been encouraged by political parties. This election “battle” is taking place between the Macedonian ethnic group and Albanian ethnic group, as two of the largest communities in the country.

Some civil organizations have started a march of tolerance against the language of hate. This march will take place in several cities of the country, in order to ask political parties not to use the language of hate, but to compete through democratic values and political offers.

Uranija Pirovska of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights told IBNA that this phenomenon always grows during the elections, but according to her, time has come to end these manipulations, which encourage cross-ethnic hate.

“We have a platform through which we register all cases of hate language and another platform in which we register the incidents that come as a result of the hate. Usually, we notice such cases in every election campaign and we register them in both platforms”, Pirovska says.

Meanwhile, activists that defend the rights of the LGBT community have also voiced their concern. Koco Andonovski of the Center for Support of the LGBT community says that hate language is not only used for political issues, but also for other sensitive things. According to him, this tendency is growing, especially in social networks, while the language of hate generates violence too.

Ahead of the election campaign, civil organizations appeal for the language of hate to be avoided, while every citizen that faces this problem must denounce it. /balkaneu.com/