Hasty reactions do not serve good neighbouring relations

Hasty reactions do not serve good neighbouring relations

The Foreign ministry links the case of the deceased Mario Isak with other crimes, it alludes to racist, extremist and political acts. Greek Foreign ministry: Tirana should not generalize the events

A few hours after PM Edi Rama spoke about the need for good neighbouring relations and the improvement of relations between Albania and Greece and after he announced a meeting with his Greek counterpart, Alexis Tsipras for the finalization of the agreement between the sides, the Albanian ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs comes up with a hasty statement regarding the case of the deceased Albanian citizen, Mario Isak, who was killed yesterday by one of his fellow countrymen.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued on Wednesday a special press release about the death of the Albanian citizen Mario Isak in Greece. However, in this statement the ministry draws parallels with other crimes, for which the media has reported that they were inspired by racist, extremist and political acts.

In its statement, the ministry is mistaken when it says that the investigation of the case is being delayed. The ministry also voices its indignation. In fact, in the case of Mario Isak, the suspect of the murder, who is also an Albanian, was arrested within 24 hours.

MEFA’s statement continues to be rather hasty and it doesn’t serve good neighbouring relations when it generalizes by saying that it “condemns the extremist background and hate speech that has accompanied these events in the neighboring country.”

MEFA continues by saying that it “calls on the Greek authorities to condemn and halt any attempt of the Golden Dawn or other extremist groups that attempt to violate the security and dignity of Albanian people who live and work in the neighboring country. We will in no way allow getting used to their xenophobic calls on their communication channels, nor will we accept the pathetic and nationalistic victimization of anyone who does not miss a chance to attack Albania in European forums.”

MEFA adds that “Under the circumstances when our citizens are suffering the pressure of an unprecedented campaign of hatred and violence, MEFA expresses the commitment of the Republic of Albania to provide to the victims and their families all the necessary legal and financial support to protect their fundamental rights as members of the largest European community that has been living, studying and contributing for decades in Greece.​”

Greek Foreign ministry: Tirana should not generalize events

Asked by the media in relation to the statement issued by the Albanian Foreign ministry on the case of the death of Mario Isak in Kavala, the spokesman of the Greek Foreign ministry, Alexandro Genimatas said that “Greece is a European country where the rule of law functions. Competent authorities are investigating the cases which the Albanian Foreign Ministry refers to in its statement. Light has been shed on these cases, like the announcement of the Greek police states.

Greek police is determined to fight any crime

The determination of Greek authorities to fight the crime in every form it’s given is clear. We reiterate the fact that we condemn all forms of violence and racism, which could claim human life.

The generalizations that the Albanian Foreign Ministry is trying to do by linking different criminal cases with each-other and attributing them to “a campaign of hate and violence” do not correspond with the reality and they’re unacceptable.

As we’re waiting the final conclusions on the death of the Greek citizen, Konstantin Katsifas gunned down by Albanian security forces, we invite the Foreign Ministry of the neighbouring country to show responsibility and maintain calm and composure.

Greek police talks about the events

In a press release issued yesterday (Wednesday), Greek police spoke about “the case of the recent killings of Albanian nationals in the Greek territory” saying that: “In all cases, Greek police have launched preliminary inquires and have conducted all necessary investigations–in collaboration with the authorities following these cases– in order to shed light upon these cases, to determine the categories that these crimes fall into and the identification and capture of the authors. It needs to be stressed that all cases have been solved”.

What happened to the deceased Mario Isak?

On Tuesday evening in Kavala, Greece, the 18 year old from Leskovik, Mario Isak was inside a café with a friend of his who is accused of taking his life after leaving the café, following a brawl for motives that police doesn’t officially provide.

The victim and the suspect have been old friends and the suspect, who was arrested yesterday, several hours after the crime, told Greek police that he did not want to kill Mario, but killed him in the heat of moment.

The deceased played for Heracles football team in Greece. He had grown up in Kavala where he had gone to school and had no problems with police.