Hasim Thaci: The dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo will end with mutual recognition

Hasim Thaci: The dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo will end with mutual recognition
Kosovo's President, Hasim Thaci, has expressed confidence that the dialogue under the aegis of the European Union will be successful and will lead to the mutual recognition of the two countries.

"The outcome of the dialogue will be the signing of a binding agreement on the normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo, followed by mutual recognition immediately after. This will pave the way for Kosovo's accession to the EU and NATO, as well as to the European integration of Serbia", Hasim Thaci said in an interview with the Serbian news agency BETA.

The Kosovo President stressed that one of the key demands he will make in the dialogue is the annexation of the Presevo valley to Kosovo. "I am working to bring Presevo valley to Kosovo, in the process of delimiting the border with Serbia. This is the will of the Albanians living in southern Serbia as was expressed in the referendum in March 1992", Thaci pointed out and said he will present this request in the most institutional way in Brussels.

To the question, if he expects Belgrade to accept the annexation of the Presevo valley without taking northern Kosovo, Thaci avoided making an estimation, he gave however in his response the mark for the direction of the negotiations. "We are not so naive as to believe that Belgrade will recognize us because it respects us or loves us. The agreement that we will achieve will be to the benefit of both sides, with painful but necessary compromises, to finally bring peace between the Serbs and the Albanians", Thaci said, thus affirming indirectly that the land exchange scenarios might have some truth in them./IBNA

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