Hardouvelis: Discussions on the debt will start on December

Hardouvelis: Discussions on the debt will start on December


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

“Now we turn page” is the title of the interview of Finance minister Gikas Hardouvelis published in today’s financial newspaper “Imerisia”.

In the interview, Chardouvelis notes, among other things, that after the Eurogroup of December 8, 2014 begins the substantive discussion with partners and lenders with respect to the further settlement of the Greek debt, the precautionary credit line and the country’s exit from the Memorandum.

Furthermore, it opens the way for reducing tax rates from the beginning of next year and expedites the reduction of objective values ​​of real estates, with positive effects on ENFIA.

According to the Finance minister, the only uncertainty is the risk of the country entering in political adventures, and the fact that a consensus between the parties is necessary to ensure what has been achieved so far and to begin the developmental process.

Finally, Chardouvelis expresses his optimism for new upgrades of the economy from the credit rating agencies.