Hami Aksoy: “Greece has become a refuge for coup plotters”

Hami Aksoy: “Greece has become a refuge for coup plotters”

Ankara reacted fiercely to the news regarding the 8 Turkish servicemen who had fled to Greece after the attempted coup of 2016 and now, as Greek Justice has decided to let them free but under police protection in an undisclosed location, in wider Athens. The 8 officers are considered coup plotters in Turkey.

The Foreign ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said in a statement that “we had stated that we condemn the continuous refusal of Greece to extradite the 8 traitors to Turkey who plotted the failed coup on July 15, 2016, as we had condemned the decision of Greek Justice to free the first of them some time ago. Then, we had expressed the hope that the Greek Justice would not repeat the same mistakes via such one-way decisions.

However, we were informed that in a few days back, Greece freed the rest of the fugitives.  

Greece is not in a position to explain why it let all fugitive coup plotters free, at least not as an administrative decision that concerns the process of their arrest.”

Aksoy insists on blaming Athens and stresses that Ankara will keep striving for and pursuing the extradition of the 8 officers to Turkey so that they are tried there.

“Clearly, Greece has become a refuge for coup plotters. It boasts being the cradle of democracy but its stance is incompatible with International Laws or good neighbourly relations since it frees the traitors who plotted a coup in a neighbouring country aiming at abolishing the there democracy.

Our position is firm, we will not stop to look forward to the extradition of the coup plotters in order to try them in Turkey”, reads the statement.

The Justice minister in Turkey, Αbdulhamit Gul stated that the Greek court’s decision goes against the International Law. We asked the Greek Justice several to extradite them, but, apparently, instead of examining the matter from its legal point of view, they used it for political reasons.”… / IBNA