Hahn supports Vucic’s “great idea” on customs union

Hahn supports Vucic’s “great idea” on customs union

The creation of a common market in the Western Balkans region would provide benefits to all its countries – president Aleksandar Vucic and European Union’s enlargement commissioner Johannes Hahn said in Belgrade today. After their official meeting Vucic and Hahn stressed that such a market of 20 million people would be “very good opportunity for the Western Balkans countries. Vucic’s idea on custom union was “great”, Hahn said adding that Serbia has a “crucial role in preserving peace and stability”.

The common market would mean new jobs, reduction of expenditures, faster moving of goods and people and far more investors in the region, Vucic said. Hahn added that a common market would additionally enhance the attractiveness of the region.

“If we create a single market, tax rates will be flat and that will mean profit for us, but also for all the others in the region”, Vucic said at the press conference he held with Hahn.

The Serbian president promised that he would ask “friends in the region for us to keep discussing on that issue”. But he added he was aware that “new ideas always face skepticism”. “From our standpoint, it is not important who launched the idea; what is important is to talk about it”.

Hahn said that the European perspective for Serbia has no alternative and that Vucic’s idea on common market was “great”. “Because it would secure greater attractiveness for the investments”, he explained.

“I say this now for the first time – this is great idea and its stems from the region. We should improve the cooperation, to move one step closer towards the integrations. If anyone thinks that this initiative could ‘divert’ the European perspective of the region… it’s not true. It is quite opposite. This is about preparing the region for the accession to the EU and single market; therefore, this idea makes a lot of sense”, European commissioner said after meeting with the Serbian president./IBNA