Hahn: Membership talks for Albania will not open this summer

Hahn: Membership talks for Albania will not open this summer

EU Enlargement Commissioner, Johannes Hahn says that no membership talks will be launched with Albania and North Macedonia this summer. According to him, there are three skeptic countries, namely Germany, France and Denmark. In a news conference in Brussels, Hahn said that some EU countries are not willing to open accession talks.

“The European Commission once again believes that these countries must be rewarded. It’s not only in the best interest of the Balkans to be part of the EU, but it’s also in our best interest. All of these are based on individual merits. Enlargement affects stability in the region, however, no decision has been taken in relation to the opening of membership talks at least this summer”, he said.

Hahn admitted that the political crisis in Albania has influenced some member countries, which do not believe that Albania is ready to open negotiations.

PM Rama reacts

Albanian PM, Edi Rama has reacted on Twitter with regards to this decision, viewing it as a positive one.

“Very positive news from Europe in our path towards opening negotiations. Despite evil’s political front, which is doing everything to smear the country in the eyes of Europe by blocking negotiations through insults, threats, Molotov cocktails and leaked tapes, Albania continues to resist”, posted Rama on Twitter. /ibna/