Hague Tribunal prosecution rejects Mladic's verdict postponement

Hague Tribunal prosecution rejects Mladic's verdict postponement
The  Hague Tribunal prosecution, on Thursday, November 2, "asked the judges to reject the postponement of Mladic’s first-instance verdict, which is currently scheduled for November 22, arguing that the defence request is unfounded", reported BIRN.

What the prosecutors said that was that Mladic's defence did not manage to provide sufficient evidence connected with the request. The lawyers of the accused Bosnian Serb ex-military commander Ratko Mladic had claimed that the "health status of his brain has been significantly deteriorated in the opinion of medical professionals." His ill condition, according to the defence would probably render him "incapable of  participating" in the rest of the trial.

Based on the treatment received by Mladic at the UN tribunal’s detention unit, where he is being held, and the opinion of the doctors who are continuously monitoring the state of his health stated in reports, "the defendant was capable of participating in the trial and hearing the verdict on the accusations against him."

Something that was lately justified by the most recent report of September 22, when doctors confirmed the stability of his condition. The prosecution underlined that the Hague Tribunal’s trial chamber also agreed on the good state of Mladic's health saying that his non-serious medical problems would not stop him from participating in the procedure and understanding it.../IBNA



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