Guterres’s catalytic role in the continuation of talks in Crans-Montana

Guterres’s catalytic role in the continuation of talks in Crans-Montana

His institutional role as the UN’s GS, as well as his Mediterranean origin, as he stressed in his opening speech, were the key points managed by Antonio Guterres in an extraordinary way, so that the Conference on Cyprus in Crans-Montana, which was rushed in terms of its organizing and timing, does not end unsuccessfully.

Thursday’s impasse in both inter-communal talks and the conference including guarantor countries was well read by Antonio Guterres, so that he could find ways to bring all sides back to the table to resolve the outstanding issues that became the cause of tensions.

Leaving Espen Barth Eide on the sidelines and taking initiatives for trilateral and bilateral meetings to be informed himself and to brief others, he participated in the Friday morning conference and then met with the leaders of the two communities asking them to focus on the positive points of the chapters where there is convergence so as to achieve further progress.

At the working dinner, the UN Secretary-General focused his attention on the progress that should be made on the issue of security and the withdrawal of troops, the implementation of the solution and assurance it will be applied.

With his presence, Antonio Guterres ensured the involvement of all parties and thus the continuation of the work of the Conference on Cyprus, while on Saturday this work will continue without the presence of the GS; however, he noted that he will participate when necessary.

Nikos Anastasiadis and Nikos Kotzias, met on Saturday morning, to exchange information and plan their common strategy to be followed in the coming days, while also taking a positive view of the developments that took place on Friday night during the working dinner./ΙΒΝΑ