Guterres framework not open to interpretations, says Government Spokesman

Guterres framework not open to interpretations, says Government Spokesman

The President of the Republic has been seeking the resumption of negotiations from the very first moment, the Government Spokesman Prodromos Prodromou said today, noting that there is only one Guterres framework and is not open to interpretations.

In his statements to journalists, on the sidelines of the broad meeting of President Anastasiades with representatives of the city and the province of Larnaca, the spokesman said that “the pursuit of the President of the Republic was from the very beginning, and still is, the resumption of negotiations. Re-starting from where we stayed in Crans-Montaña, given the Guterres framework, of course.

The purpose is not negotiation for the sake of negotiation – we are the last ones who would like endless negotiations – but it is the solution of the Cyprus problem, the end of the occupation, the reunification of our homeland in a federation, and for Cyprus to be free from control of foreign states, alluding to the abolition of guarantees.

If the Turkish side does indeed mean that it accepts the Guateas framework, that is, if the refusal it showed in Crans-Montaña which has led to a stalemate has changed, it is indeed a major development.

We say ‘if’ because the reports made by Mr Akinji seem to refer to something else, not to Guterres. In any case, these can only be clarified through dialogue.

We hope that once the appointment of a Secretary General for the Cyprus issue is confirmed and implemented, this will help to resume negotiations”.

Responding to a question, Prodromou said that “the Guterres framework is one. The Guterres framework is well known to all of us that it had appeared and materialized when the Secretary General on July 4 had dictated the parameters that were also a kind of framework for negotiation, which the Special Advisor to the Secretary General for the Cyprus issue, Mr. Eide, had recorded. This is the Guterres framework, which is well known and has been published since then.

The [Ankinzi] report on June 30 is a reference to the engagement of the negotiations. We all remember that there had been an involvement for which the Secretary-General had to return back to the Guterres framework.

Things are clear and we have to make an appeal on our side. All political forces, I think, agree that there should be a solution without guarantors, without occupation troops. As such, we should take advantage of this Acquis which is the Gutteres framework.

The rest of the discussions, and sometimes the detail of the various snapshots of the previous negotiation, are certainly not constructive. It is constructive to have the common position that the negotiations should be resumed and that the Secretary-General’s framework should be used”.

In another question, the Spokesperson said that “the Guterres framework is one, can not be two, there are specific provisions that do not fit two interpretations. The Secretary-General has publicly said that Cyprus must become a normal state. And that means some concrete things. There is no need for more analysis”.

He added that “the Guterres framework is very specific: it is the one that Turkey did not have the political will to accept in Crans-Montaña and we were led to a deadlock. A new effort must be made and that is why the President of the Republic, all this time, says that the right preparations should be made, ie that the parties concerned are ready to discuss, as the Secretary-General has asked on the basis of his own framework.

We hope that the appointment, the decision we have to wait to be implemented – is a matter for the United Nations – concerns the appointment of a counselor to the Secretary-General, which will help the negotiation to start”./IBNA