Gruevski seeks asylum in Hungary, who is responsible for his escape?

Gruevski seeks asylum in Hungary, who is responsible for his escape?

Foreign ministry and Interior ministry in Skopje have now confirmed that former Prime Minister of the country, Nikola Gruevski is in Hungary, but the question now is to decide who should be made responsible for his escape.

Immediately after this confirmation, the ministry of Interior has issued an international arrest warrant, while Gruevski has announced that he will seek political asylum in Budapest.

According to media in Skopje, the former Prime Minister and chairman of honor of VMRO-DPMNE has spent the night in the villa of the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, thanks to the close connections that the two men had during the time Gruevski was in power.

Interior minister, Oliver Spasovski said that the courts should be held responsible for Gruevski’s escape, because they did not remand him in custody. However, the Criminal Court said that such decision cannot be taken if such thing is not requested by the Prosecution. In Gruevski’s case, the Special Prosecution has never requested for him to be remanded in custody, court sources said.

Deputy Prime Minister and minister of Defence, Radmila Sekerinska said that all of those who are responsible for this situation will be held accountable.

Last week, former PM Gruevski should have started his two year prison sentence for the purchase of an armoured Mercedes Benz for 600 thousand euros during the time he was Prime Minister. /ibna/