Gruevski is reelected leader of VMRO-DPMNE, opposition demands his resignation from the government

Gruevski is reelected leader of VMRO-DPMNE, opposition demands his resignation from the government

Skopje, 4 May 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

The start of May holidays in FYROM have been associated with political developments, which saw the holding of the congress of the party in power, VMRO-DPMNE and the reelection of Nikola Gruevski for the fourth time as leader of this party. The 15th party congress was held in the city of Kumanovo, a commune governed by the Macedonian opposition, but which is located only a few kilometers from Likovo, where two weeks ago the armed incident near the border police post took place.

Gruevski’s messages and priorities

After his reelection, Gruevski launched messages against the Macedonian opposition, stressing that it’s part of the destructive scenarios that aim at causing unrest in the country. For this, he launched direct accusations against the opposition leader Zoran Zaev, because according to him, through the publication of the wiretapping affair, he’s damaging the state interests, security system and state secrets. Gruevski also warned changes in the government and the party, but without mentioning any names.

On the other hand, he demanded from the opposition consensus on five points, which must be the priorities of the country. “First, higher quality in education, enterprise and facilitating measures for businesses. Second, issues that relate to the stability of the country, such as cross ethnic relations and security. Thirdly, the name dispute issue. Fourthly, efforts to open new jobs. This must be our joint scope and we must not have obstacles on this. The fifth point is agreement in every domain. We must constantly establish higher standards, as I mentioned yesterday, new standards for the acceptance and advancement in administration or courts”, Gruevski declared.

Opposition demands Gruevski to leave the political scene

A few hours after Gruevski’s election as head of VMRO-DPMNE, the Macedonian opposition party SDSM (Macedonian Social Democratic).

“Nikola Gruevski will leave the political scene of Macedonia, but unfortunately, he will remain the disgrace of Macedonia”, SDSM reacted.

According to the opposition, Gruevski blamed his party fellowmen about the wiretapping and corruptive scandals, for which he said that they must be changed. “Another non serious issue is his double standard game in the aspect of cooperation and international partnership”, says SDSM, adding that Gruevski doesn’t deserve to govern the country.

Analysts’ comments

Political analysts in Skopje, but citizens too have different comments in relation to Gruevski’s reelection.

Analyst Branko Gerovski underlines that there are no novelties from Gruevski’s congress and that he’s looking into different scenarios to evade responsibility.

“It’s clear that Gruevski is going back to his old plan of solving crisis through government reshuffling, because foreign diplomats demanded resignations within the government following the wiretapping affair. What we’re hearing now is the fact that for the first time, Gruevski admits that there have been mistakes during the governing, but with the excuse that he who works, makes mistakes. The next few days will be decisive and will bring novelties in the political developments, especially within VMRO-DPMNE’, Gerovski says.

Dragi P, a citizen from Kumoanovo told IBNA that he’s expecting Gruevski to be more serious in the solution of the political crisis and in order for the citizens not to suffer as a result of this.

“Recently, we have suffered as a result of the political crisis and the extreme aggravation of relations between the main parties. We don’t need such situations, but after this congress, there must be a more serious approach for the solution of problems. The opposition must also give up on its game with the wiretapped materials in order not to cause unrest in the country”, said Dragi P, who doesn’t conceal the fact that he’s a supporter of the party in power. /ibna/