Gruevski is in Macedonia

Gruevski is in Macedonia

Erol Rizaov

Nikola Gruevski has never been more present in Macedonia than now, since he fled the country. All conversations at weddings and funerals, in restaurants and cafes, in churches and mosques, before and after prayer, and some say during prayer, at MANU and in the market, in betting offices and gambling saloons, in operating rooms, before and after surgery, in all courts and law offices, in taxi cabs an buses, in public toilets, they all begin and end with Gruevski.

Social networks, Internet websites, television stations, literally all media publish hundreds of information every minute, and each denying the previous one. Everyone knows from the very first moment of his disappearance, except those who need to know where Gruevski is, how he escaped, what was his route. First they say that diplomats drove him with Jeep cars, then it was Macedonians who drove him, later that he walked on foot through Albania to Montenegro, then that he took a plane a flew, then that he took a boat, and then it was a speedboat… That he was guarded by Seselj’s Chetniks with bayonets when he was passing through Serbia, and then he was accompanied by the ambassador and consul of Hungary when he was passing through Montenegro. He got on a speedboat in Greece, then on a boat, then on a yacht… All roads lead to Budapest, and for the first time Gruevski arrives everywhere without being late, maybe even early. He is present in Macedonia the most, but at the same time he can be anywhere – in Turkey and in Georgia, Hungary, Argentina and, of course, last but not least, in Russia. The myth of Grujo is built day and night as an illegal building, which ultimately would be included in the general urban plan that foresees this primitivism to cover the whole of Macedonia as a bluestem grass and stifle everything that was left valuable and reasonable. The stories about Grujo, Macedonia’s great savior that saved the country from the neighbors’ claws, from greedy Europe, the oracle of Babylon and the world greatest cop The United States, outgrows the myths of Krale Marko, Itar Pejo and Goce Delcev, combined. Krale Marko was killed as a vassal and a Turkish soldier, and Goce was betrayed by his own people and died by the hand of the Turkish army. Itar Pejo is alive and well – embodied in Grujo, who outsmarts everyone.

The first songs celebrating the greatest hero of all heroes are already being written: the Macedonian savior and king, A God0given gift, Nikola Gruevski was handed over by goddamn traitors, may they never see another day. The Lord takes care of him and protects him so that no one can catch him. One day, when Grujo returns, everyone will have to pay. These are the lyrics that will be sung and played with zurlas, drums, darbukas, trumpets, harmonicas, violins, flutes and all choristers.

In addition to regular patients who greet the TV shows on a daily basis and are diligently carrying out therapy that helps them more than pills and sedatives to soothe their nerves and hallucinations, they were joined by great analysts and experts, interpreters of dreams and predictors of the future. Top-level politicians, both from the government and the opposition, the prime minister personally, ministers, police chiefs, intelligence officers, lawyers, editors, journalists, party activists and reporters show whether Gruevski was kidnapped, or voluntarily fled the country, or was offered a better alternative to prison, just as he had already gone to hand himself over to the Suto Orizari prison facility to serve his sentence. In this all this chaos and mockery, I miss the world-class diplomat, Gruevski’s main strategist, to tell us the truth about how the Americans organized Gruevski’s kidnapping and, through Albania and Montenegro, temporarily placed him in Budapest, from where hewill be taken to Moscow for a short period of several years, and then he will be returned to Macedonia to take over the presidency, and show how one becomes the father of a “sick tribe”.

However, I find the wisdom and the efforts for the de-gruevization of Macedonia most intriguing. They are even more interesting than the patients’ calls in the morning TV shows, even more interesting than the Turkish TV series. The processes of how Macedonia should be purified from Gruevism are explained very easily. When I first used the term Gruevism publicly, I did not have the slightest idea how long Gruevski would remain in power, but according to historical facts and experiences with a lightly propagated speed that it usually lasts twice as long as the regime. It is already clear that I made a huge mistake. Gruevism will take longer than the next 20 years, because the chances of Gruevski returning to the throne are actually greater than Macedonia’s liberation from primitivism and provincialism, from hatred and nationalism, from the backwardness and misery. The most fruitful ground for the undisturbed further development of Gruevism. As long as they are present, Nikola will be at home in our Macedonia, whether he was here personally or not. You know what I mean, right? A genius helped me a great deal with this knowledge, who posts a whole wagon of wisdom, who writes the most noteworthy lesson on Facebook. Gruevski was an asylum-seeker like Einstein, Kissinger, Marx, Trotsky, Assange, Snowden, Albright and Solzhenitsyn and some other worldly statesmen and martyrs like him. This person is not playing with him, and even if he is, the message is still taken seriously.

So, now it’s up to you to estimate long Gruevism will last, will it last as long as Macedonia, would it be more or less.

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