Growing debates on the early elections in FYR Macedonia

Growing debates on the early elections in FYR Macedonia

IBNA-Special Report/There’s a growing debate in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia as to whether early elections should be held as soon as possible. The leader of the largest opposition part LSDM, Zoran Zaev demands fresh elections. He says that there must be changes in the Electoral Code in line with the proposals of OSCE and ODIHR. Prime Minister is against this demand. Albanian party of BDI supports VMRO-DPMNE. Against the idea is also the other Albanian party, PDSH which doesn’t want to be part of the government like BDI.


Skopje, July 17, 2013


By Naser Pajaziti


Debates are growing on a daily basis in FYROM on the idea of early elections, but political parties say that they’re against them.

The governing parties, VMRO-DPMNE and BDI say that there should not be early elections.

Prime Minister of FYROM, Nikola Gruevski declared yesterday that his party and the coalition partners do not support the idea of early parliamentary elections.

“VMRO-DPMNE doesn’t support the idea of early elections, although they would favor this party, but they remain a possibility should the need arise”, declared Gruevsky, adding that he cannot predict if the need will arise for early elections.

Even BDI says that it’s no time for elections, but time to solve the name dispute and unblock the Euro integrating process.

“Now it’s no time for elections, but to solve the name dispute. The elections will deter the engagement for the solution of the dispute. As a party, we don’t expect any changes in the result, therefore we don’t see the need to hold early elections even in 2014”, says the spokesman of BDI, Bujar Osmani.

Meanwhile, against the elections has also been the largest Albanian opposition party, PDSH. Its leader, Menduh Thaci made it clear last week that his party is against early elections.

“We’re not interested on early elections and to be part of the government. We’re interested to contribute in the Euro integrating process”, declared Thaci, adding that at any case, their party is ready to face the elections.

Opposition in FYROM is in a dilemma for possible scenarios of the parties in power to take the country to early elections.

The leader of the largest opposition party LSDM, Zoran Zaev said that his party is prepared for early elections, but only if the electoral code includes the recommendations of OSCE and ODIHR.

“There are no chances even in theory for the elections to be held in September, because the legal deadline for their announcement has expired. But, in case the majority decided to hold them, we are prepared as a political party to participate in these elections”, declared Zaev. /ibna/