Grenell: US supports EU initiative for Belgrade-Pristina dialogue

Grenell: US supports EU initiative for Belgrade-Pristina dialogue

US Special Envoy for Dialogue Richard Grenell, in an exclusive statement to Gazeta Express, commented on the European Union’s initiative to resume the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue.

Grenell says the EU initiative has the full support of the United States and is pleased to see Europeans convene on July 12 in Brussels for further talks with Kosovo and Serbia. The US presidential envoy hopes that the important issue of Kosovo’s visa liberalization will be completed at this meeting.

“We are pleased to see Europeans convening meetings on 10 and 12 July for further discussions with Kosovo and Serbia. We offer our full support and we are grateful for their leadership. We hope that the important issue of visa liberalization for Kosovo will be completed at this meeting”, Grenell told Gazeta Express.

The EU has announced that Kosovo’s Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic will meet in Brussels on Sunday as part of the EU’s efforts to continue dialogue with the EU. The Brussels summit will be precede the Paris Summit on July 10 between Kosovo and Serbia, hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Speaking to Gazeta Express, Grenell said the United States has worked hard to focus on economic normalization between Kosovo and Serbia as it is the first step in this long-running political dispute. “And we hope that the Europeans will implement the air, rail and motor agreements that were previously agreed upon as a top priority. We believe that these agreements are the key to creating jobs and hope for young people in the region”, Grenell stressed.

Grenell told Gazeta Express that the United States never believed in a quick agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, during an electoral year. “And we never thought that our sole focus on economic normalization would be a quick solution. Difficult and long-term political issues will be easier to address once economic progress is made. The international community must continue to test new and creative ideas if we are to make progress. Both the people of Kosovo and Serbia deserve the full and constant attention of the Europeans”, Grenell pointed out./ibna