“Green schools”, an innovative project for the first time in Albania

“Green schools”, an innovative project for the first time in Albania

Tirana, 5 June 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

“Green Schools” is an innovative project which is applied for the first time in the schools of Albania. The scope of the project is not to make any new investment in educational infrastructure without taking into account the green aspect of it.

The project is based on the findings of the study prepared by American experts of the State University of Arizona on behalf of the Albanian Ministry of Education.

According to the study, the construction of “green” schools or the conversion of the existing ones in such schools, helps the economy of the country, by making significant savings in the maintenance costs and administration of schools; by creating jobs; by contributing in the preparation of a competitive labor force in the domain of what is called “green economy”.

What’s more, such investments serve to the long term and sustainable development not only on the economic point of view, but they also improve students’ results; help in creating a new culture in the efficient use of energy by teachers and students and reduces the emission of gases that create the greenhouse effect. The project will be initially applied in 1 thousand classrooms, to then spread in all the schools of the country.

The study data

Albania has good potential to transform the education system through the use of “green” contemporary technologies. The American study “Green schools and the efficient use of energy”, shows that the reduction of energy losses as a result of thermal isolation amounts to 50%; reduction of losses from windows amounts to 45%, while energy saving as a result of efficient lighting amounts to 80%; the increase of lighting 70%; the use of sun panels will save electricity at the amount of 60%.

Minister of Education, Lindita Nikolla says that the results of the study are impressive.

She says that the pilot project for energy efficiency was implemented in 10 schools of the country in the county of Lushnja and county of Lezha in the period 22 July 2014-22 January 2015, with a total value of 1.6 million Euros.

The report of the study concludes that these changes in schools, by using “green” technology will bring improvements in health, safety and conditions at school. They will secure constant electric supply and will increase GDP by 880 million USD.

This study was held in the framework of border cooperation between the IPA countries of the Adriatic area.

The project aims at securing a sustainable energy level in both production and consumption of the countries of the Adriatic area, where Albania is part of. PM Edi Rama has commented the results of the study and the project that has started, by saying that green economy promises a sustainable economic growth and an extraordinary employment potential.

Rama warns that from now on, “not even a cent will be wasted to invest in educational infrastructure without taking into account the green dimension of the new construction, reconstruction, the project for a nursery, a kindergarten, a school or even a small repair work”.

Rama said that this will be a standard that the ministry of Education will set as a prerequisite in both the distribution of investments and in the  requirements for every public contest that it will hold for an investment. /ibna/

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