Greeks will take the least vacation days of all Europeans this year

Greeks will take the least vacation days of all Europeans this year


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

Just 8.14 days on average, the least of all Europeans, will be the Greeks’ average vacation days according to data from the research of all searches made ​​in the greek platform trivago.

As a result of the searches conducted from January 1 to June 15, 2014, this summer Greeks will spend on average 8.14 days for their vacations, which is obviously lower than the overall percentage among the trivago users from all nationalities, which is 8.92 days.

The nationalities that will take the most vacation days this summer are the Russians (10.76 days on average) and the Dutch (9.61 days). On the other side are the Greeks, Portuguese and Hungarians with an average stay of 8.1 days, followed by the Finns 8.2 days, the Spaniards with 8.6 days and the Slovenians with 8.9 days. It should be noted that the average stay refers to the users’ searches for a minimum stay of 7 days.

Another interesting point arising from the research is the fact that the Greeks decide to seek accommodation 73 days before their holidays and decide to book any accommodation just 69 days before their departure.

On the other hand, Germans and Austrians seek accommodation 120 days before the day of their vacation and decide to book 100 days before their holidays. The same goes for the British, who along with the Germans and the Austrians are the top three nationalities when it comes to organizing their holidays early.