Greeks rally in the thousands to protest against government policy in Thessaloniki

Greeks rally in the thousands to protest against government policy in Thessaloniki


By Hari Stefanatos – Thessaloniki

Thousands of protesters have given potential and play this rally organized this afternoon in Thessaloniki GSEE-ADEDY-EKT-EDOT.

With the slogan “Let the world of employment win”, employees, pensioners, the unemployed, marched against the government pursued policy of austerity and memoranda and demanded a definitive end to the measures that impoverish the society and sustain poverty and misery.

Workers’ representatives in their speeches gave a clear message to the government that the struggle of labor unions will continue with every means and manner possible, as long as the same dead-end policies continue, and stressed the need for maximum unity to repel these unacceptable and destructive, for the Greek society, policies.

After gathering at Venizelos Statue, the demonstrators moved across Thessaloniki to reach “I. Vellidis” Convention Center.

GSEE, apart from the continuation of the mobilisations, will appeal to the Court of Human Rights, a move that will take place after the meeting of the Confederation in early October, with representatives of the International Labour Office (ILO), which will visit Greece.

“The Greek people, workers, pensioners and especially the unemployed are sufferering. Half-measures are not enough. There is a need for a radical change of policy that would give the world of employment the required boost, while at the same time giving the economy a ‘push’ to the right direction and a development perspective”, said the President of the Greek General Confederation of Labour. GSEE, Yannis Panagopoulos.