That’s what Greeks looked up on Google in 2014

That’s what Greeks looked up on Google in 2014

Athens, December 17, 2014/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The popular search engine Google announced the top Internet searches of the Greeks in 2014.

According to the company, the results concern the fastest rising searches this year and crystallize what preoccupied the Greeks, but also the latest trends in term of their online searches, based on the investigation and analysis of billions of queries made through Google every year.

At the top of the fastest rising searches in Greece for 2014 is placed the tomb of Amphipolis, following very extensive publicity that persistently took the issue of the gradual revelation of the excavations in recent months.

Of particular interest is the political mark of this list, with four results directly or indirectly related to the local elections of 2014, with NERIT being ranked particularly high.

Finally, in regard to major events, Eurovision and World Cup dominate the interests of the Greek users.

Fastest rising searches in Greece:

  1. Amphipolis
  2. Elections 2014
  3. NERIT
  4. Eurovision 2014
  5. Where do I vote?
  6. University bases 2014
  7. Football World Cup 2014
  8. ypes
  9. iPhone 6
  10. Election results



Moreover, indicating of the interest of Greek users for celebrities, both nationally and globally, is that the searches were dominated by persons who passed away this year, like Robbin Williams and Sakis Boulas.

Also high in the rankings was Michael Schumacher, whose adventure intensely preoccupied the international news.

Fastest rising searches of celebrities in Greece:

  1. Robbin Williams
  2. Sakis Boulas (Greek actor and singer who died in 2014)
  3. Jennifer Lawrence
  4. Schumacher
  5. Conchita
  6. Antonis Vardis (Greek musician who died 2014)
  7. Anna Polatou (Greek athlete who was killed in a car accident)
  8. Jenny Vanou (Greek singer who died in 2014)
  9. Melina Aslanidou (Greek singer)
  10. Karnezis (Greek goalkeeper)


The events that mostly attracted the interest in Greek users for 2014 are elections and Eurovision, while in the relevant list there are also sport events, with world cup soccer and basketball, tennis tournament Rolland Garros and the Playoffs of the NBA among them.

Fastest rising searches of events in Greece:

  1. Elections 2014
  2. Eurovision 2014
  3. Footbal World Cup 2014
  4. The Voice (Talent Show)
  5. Panhellenic Exams 2014 (Examination for admission to universities)
  6. Olympiakos- Manchester
  7. World Championship 2014
  8. Roland Garros
  9. Cup Final 2014
  10. NBA Playoffs 2014

Also high in the searches of the Greeks, this year, were the terms ENFIA (single estate tax) and Social Dividend, as well as the popular series of Greek TV “Brusqo”, “It was a dream” and “Kato Partali”.