Greeks were fed up of the austere monetary policy, says the Albanian PM

Greeks were fed up of the austere monetary policy, says the Albanian PM

Tirana, January 27, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Albania’s PM, Edi Rama, says that the victory of the left radicals of Syriza in Greece came as a result of the fact that Greeks were fed up with the financial austere measures that were applied.

“Syriza’s win was a free choice of the Greek people, due to exhaustion with very austere monetary policies”, said Mr. Rama last evening in a televised interview.

Mr. Rama said that this victory also came “from a political class that was consumed due to the crisis that it provoked throughout the years, both left and right. I’m talking about the traditional left and right, which paid for what they did throughout the years”.

Rama also commented Papandreu’s governance: “Unfortunately, he happened to be head of the government at a moment when Greece could no longer go on like that, with statistical lies, an overburden of bureaucracy and great abuses. On the other hand, in my opinion, he could not manage to handle that delicate moment appropriately”.

The PM said that he had written to the new Greek PM, Aleksis Tsipras to congratulate him on his election and also explained why Mr. Tsipras visit was cancelled last month.

The head of Syriza had scheduled a visit to Tirana on December 18. Rama said that at the moment when his visit should have taken place, Greece saw the start of the crisis for the election of the president. “He had to be present in parliament, in a process which later brought the early elections”, said Mr. Rama. /ibna/