What do Greeks fear the most?

What do Greeks fear the most?


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

Inequalities arising from the gap between rich and poor worry the Greeks more than anything else. This results from research conducted in 44 countries, in order to determine what their people consider as the greatest threat for the world.

For the Greeks, and the West in general, there was an increase in the concern about the gap between rich and poor, according to research by Pew Researsch Center. Specifically in Greece, 43% chose the inequality as the biggest risk, 23% said nuclear weapons, 10% the national and religious hatred, 14% the pollution and the environment, and 9% AIDS and other diseases.

At the global level, amid conflicts in the Middle East, the people of most countries believe that the religious and ethnic hatred is the greatest threat to the world. This concern is highest in Lebanon (58% gave this response), while in Egypt, Israel and Tunisia also recorded high levels of worry.

Americans and Europeans have chosen inequality as the biggest threat in the world, with Spanish being the most concerned about this issue, with 54% of the respondents choosing this answer. In Russia and Ukraine they are concerned about nuclear weapons, a response that also had the highest score in Japan, Pakistan and Turkey. In Africa, as expected, AIDS and other diseases, are considered the biggest threats to the world.