Greek-Turkish border unrest – “Greek border police shot sharply at migrants”

Greek-Turkish border unrest – “Greek border police shot sharply at migrants”

The Greek border police fired sharply at the skirmishes at the Greek-Turkish border in early March. This is evident from research by the German magazine Der Spiegel, the international research collective Bellingcat and the Dutch data journalism platform Pointer (KRO-NCRV).

A Pakistani man may have been killed by Greek fire and injured after hundreds of refugees and migrants were directed to the border by Turkey. Greece denies being responsible and speaks of “fake news from the Turkish side”. The Greens in the European Parliament are now demanding an investigation.

A reconstruction that will be broadcast on the Dutch channel NPO2 on Friday evening has already been seen by Dutch MEP Tineke Strik (GroenLinks). “It is unbelievable that Greek authorities have shot sharply at innocent people on European borders. This cannot go unpunished.”

Strik wants clarification from the Greek government and the European Commission. He praised the actions of the Greek authorities and ignored questions about the use of force at the border, the GroenLinkser said. “If there is no convincing evidence to the contrary, the European Parliament must take further steps itself and set up an inquiry commission.”

At the time of the shelling, hundreds of European Frontex border guards were stationed on the Greek border. It is still unclear to what extent they were aware, or even involved, in the shelling, Strik said. “They are required to monitor and sanction violations of fundamental rights during their operations.”/ibna

Photo Twitter @bellingcat