Greek smoking habits worsen during the pandemic

Greek smoking habits worsen during the pandemic

According to a nationwide survey by Marc for the Papastratos tobacco products company, Greek citizens have exponentially turned to smoking during the coronavirus pandemic.

27.2% of smokers stated they have been smoking more during this period, while 7% admitted they started smoking again after having quit in the past.

The highest rates of increase in frequency of smoking are observed in the self-employed and the unemployed.

Regarding the effect of smoking on the relationship between smokers and non-smokers, more than half of smokers (51.7%) reported that their harmful habit bothers their partner, with about the same percentage (50.5%) of non-smokers believing that people who smoke are less attractive and desirable. What is also noteworthy is that 4 out of 10 smokers (38.8%) state that smoking is often a cause of tension and fights with their loved ones.

More than half of smokers (51.1%) surveyed said there was insufficient information on the benefits and ways to quit smoking, with the vast majority (over 88%) believing there should be adequate information and access to information on smoking alternatives.

The Research in a nutshell:

At the time of the pandemic, Greeks have taken a step back in the fight to reduce and stop smoking

27.2% of smokers reported they smoke more during this period. The increase in the frequency of smoking is associated with population groups that feel more stress, anxiety and insecurity during this period.

84.3% of smokers worry smoking has serious consequences for their health.

18.4% of smokers do not know which substances of the cigarette are harmful to their health.

More than 88% of smokers and all respondents believe  they should have adequate information and access to information about smoking alternatives.

51.6% of smokers say they do not know the differences between conventional cigarettes and alternative tobacco products.

The vast majority of respondents (91.1%) state that, in order to choose the right alternative smoking product, the science and technology contained in it should be taken seriously.

60.5% of the population state that if someone close to them uses a non-smoking alternative, it does not bother them compared to someone who smokes cigarettes.

In addition to the harmful effects on health, smoking seems to have a significant negative effect on interpersonal relationships, with 49% of smokers reporting that smoking is a cause of disagreement and quarrels with their partner.

One in two families (49%) do not allow smoking in their home. /ibna

Source: Papastratosmazi