Greek and Serb traffickers arrested by police

Greek and Serb traffickers arrested by police

Skopje, January 5, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

FYROM’s Ministry of Interior has informed that in the recent days, it has discovered a ring of traffickers of foreign emigrants, including Greek and Serb citizens, who transported emigrants in the territory of the country.

According to police, in three occasions, authorities have caught two Greeks and one Serb, who were transporting Syrian and Afghan emigrants in their cars.

In the first case, police arrested a Greek citizen initialed K.K, 66 years of age from Katerina, Greece, because three Afghan emigrants were found in his car . His arrest was made by a police patrol in the highway linking Kumanovo to Skopje. His destination was the border with Serbia where they could leave the emigrants. The Ministry of Interior said that the Greek citizen had accepted money from the emigrants.

In the second case, police arrested a Serb citizen, 27 years old from Nis, because four Syrian illegal refugees were found in his car. The arrest took place near the tunnel in Demir Kapi.

In the third case, police arrested a 29 year old Greek citizen in a “Golf” type vehicle, where he was transporting 5 Syrians. He was stopped near Veles.

Police said that the arrested persons were remanded into custody for a period of 30 days. Recently, there have been increased checks by Macedonian police in the Corridor 10 highway in order to stop foreign emigrants, who want to use the country to head toward Serbia and then to Western European countries. /ibna/