Greek Secretary General resigns

Greek Secretary General resigns


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

A recording of the conversation the Secretary-General of the greek government, Takis Baltakos, with the member of the far-right wing party Golden Dawn, Elias Kasidiari, has surfaced.

His resignation to the Prime Minister, presented the Secretary General of the Government Takis Baltakos after the publication of audiovisual material, in which Mr. Baltakos is heard conversing with the MP of the Golden Dawn Elias Kasidiari on the issue of the persecutions against members of the Golden Dawn. His resignation was accepted by the Greek prime minister, Antonis Samaras .

The submission of Mr Baltakos’ resignation was announced by the parliamentary representative of the New Republic, Sophia Voultepsi, suggesting that it had been requested by the Prime Minister himself.

During the debate in Parliament to lift the immunity of five MPs of his party, Mr Kasidiaris read, transcribed, text in which Mr. Baltakos tells him that the prime minister reacted intensively and criticized the ministers Dendias and Athanasiou, when the investigator decided not to remand, apart from himself, his colleagues Michos and Panagiotaros .

The member of the Golden Dawn says that the material of the conversation has been filed in the court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and saw the light of day from the internet.

It should be noted that after publication of the issue, the parties sought to investigate the authenticity of the material brought forward by Mr Kasidiaris, while PASOK, with a tweet from its communication secretary, Mr. Karidis, calls for the immediate removal of Mr Baltakou .

The delivery of video that claims to have in his possession Mr Kasidiaris, where talks with the Secretary General of the Government Mr Baltako, both in Parliament and the Justice Hall is asking the parliamentary representative of SYRIZA, Mr Papadimoulis. “Tthe government cannot cleanse itself only with the resignation of T. Baltakou”, stressed member of the main opposition.

“We ask for the entire video to be handed over to Parliament, as well as to the political parties and Justice”, said Mr Papadimoulis and added: “the Parliament cannot continue to operate as if nothing happened, as if it was just a hangnail. We ask for Mr Dendias, Mr Athanasiou and Baltakos himself to come here (Parliament)”.

“Let them come together with the Prime Minister, who is referred the video, to discuss issues of democracy, discrimination between the three powers, the sincere fight against the Nazi phenomenon”, said Mr Papadimoulis and concluded that “this video provides with the answers as to why the Golden Dawn has been above the law. They had buddies inside the government”.