Greek president’s visit triggers a protest by “Tchameria” association

Greek president’s visit triggers a protest by “Tchameria” association

Tirana, November 4, 2013

While the president of Greece, Carolos Papulias, who is on an official visit in Albania, had a meeting with the president of Albania, Bujar Nishani, “Tchameria” association held a protest.

The head of this association, Adrian Tana declared that the Tcham issue, which is an unresolved issue between the two countries, must be resolved.

He demanded from Greece to lift the war law with Albania, asking to the neighboring country to undertake steps for the solution to the Tcham issue.

Present in this protest was also the head of the Party for Justice, Integration and Unity, Shpetim Idrizi who declared that this protest was taking place to remember that Tchams exist and that this protest is held for justice and dignity.

“In every square, we will be strong, because we have every Albanian on our side. The Greek president is our fellow national, he’s an Orthodox Tcham and he’s a living witness of the genocide carried out on his brothers. He knows that we haven’t collaborated with invaders. 20 years have passed since you promised that the Tcham issue is alive. We would like for Mr. Papulias to keep his promise made 20 years ago in order to be the author of a historical solution. But it seems that Mr. Papulias decided to cross the rainbow”, said Idrizi.

Moreover, Idrizi invited the Greek president to become a party to the solution of the Tcham issue, playing the role of reconciliatory and by turning his eyes onto the truth. /ibna/