Greek political scene in turmoil after alleged bribery of MPs

Greek political scene in turmoil after alleged bribery of MPs


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

The prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Efterpe Goutzamani, instructed the prosecutor of the Court of Appeals to investigate the content of the statements of main opposition spokesperson  Giannis Skourletis on the possible corruption of MPs. The decision was welcomed by Samaras and Venizelos, while SYRIZA said it came late, but at the same time hope to shed some light on the case.

The decision of the judicial authorities was welcomed by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras in an announcement, calling on Mr. Tsipras and his acossiated to substantiate their claims.

“I call on Mr. Tsipras to immediately substantiate his allegations with names and facts”, the Prime Minister states in his announcement. “Otherwise, he is revealed as a destabilising factor and promoter of civil disorder in a critical time for the country”, the Prime minister says and adds: “the procedural and institutional imperative preliminary examination ordered by the  Prosecutor of the Supreme Court will reveal the extent of the institutional misery of those who hesitate at nothing, in order to keep their storming strategy for the lustful seizure of power alive”.

Along the same lines was the statement of the leader of PASOK and deputy Prime minister, Evangelos Venizelos, ​​in response to the urgent preliminary investigation commissioned by the Prosecutor General. Venizelos notes: “now anyone who has to say something must say it. Otherwise, he should stop poisoning the public life, and especially, stop manifesting his early arrogance with extortion, threats and slander”.

Finally, he states that “unfortunately, what I said in my speech during the last phase of the debate in the House last Friday night, absolutely apply”.

“We hope that the delayed prosecution investigation will shed light on the case. We believe that the Prime minister will be the supporter of an independent judiciary, in order to fully elucidate the case”, said in a statement issued by the press office of SYRIZA.

The public prosecutor ordered the execution of urgent preliminary investigation to determine if there is a case of MP bribery. The mandate of the preliminary investigation was given by Mrs. Koutzamani to the head of Appeal of Athens Panagiotis Karagiannis, who in turn will assign it to the Deputy Prosecutor’s Office.

“There are some entrepreneurs friends of yours who have opened a piggy bank for the purpose to gather the 180 (MPs) – so I read”, said Panos Skourletis addressing the deputy minister Gerasimos Giakoumatos, in the morning show of “Mega” television.

His comment caused the explosion of the New Democracy MP, who argued that “this is political quackery”.

When Skourletis was asked whether he adopts the views conveyed in the article, he replied among others that “fear guards the ballast”.

The director of the office of the president of SYRIZA, Nikos Pappas, in an interview, according to the radio station “Vima FM», said on the statements made by Skourletis: “Mr. Skourletis made a reference to an article, which I think it has value. I have nothing else to comment, because his position was very accurate and studied. He moved as he should have and has our full support in this”.

Skourletis – Pappa’s statements caused the reaction of the government representative Sophia Voultepis, who argues in a statement that “Mr. Skourletis continued Tsipra’s  wretchedness… we give them the contempt of the Greek people”, she said.

The government spokesman said that the Greek MPs can neither be blackmailed by SYRIZA, nor bribed by anyone and added: “every last Greek has learned by now that the SYRIZA’s “piggy bank” is only filled with lies, slander and suspicious complaints”.