Greek people support the Tsipras government

Greek people support the Tsipras government

Athens, February 16, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Positive view of the Greek government has 60.6% of the citizens, according to a poll by Kapa Research for a greek newspapert.

The Greek government has the approval of 60.6% of the citizens, while 37.1% of the respondents disapprove, according to a poll by Kapa Research published by the newspaper To Vima.

The 48.1% believe that the negotiations will be completed successfully, while 51.1% appeared pessimistic and anxious.

People believe that after 12 months the economic situation will be a little better (46.8%), while 8% much better. 21.3% think that the situation will be the same as today, while 10.5% believe that it will be a little worse.

53.7% think that Alexis Tsipras will be better than the previous Prime Ministers over the last 20 years versus 34.6% who believe he will be worse.

With regard to the “hot” question “euro or drachma”, seven out of ten support the stay of Greece in the euro. Specifically, 68.4% of respondents answered that they wants the country to stay in the euro, while 25.3% stated the opposite.