Greek National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication, Bulgaria’s Nu Image announce co-operation deal

Greek National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication, Bulgaria’s Nu Image announce co-operation deal

Greece’s National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication (EKOME) and Bulgaria’s Nu Image corporate group have announced the establishment of a Thessaloniki-based production service provider.

Nu Image corporate group, based in Sofia, includes Millennium Films, Nu Boyana Film Studios and Worldwide FX.

The agreement was announced at the Thessaloniki International Fair, by the president and chief executive of EKOME SA, Panos Kouanis and Producer and CEO of Nu Boyana Film Studios, Yariv Lerner.

Following a series of contacts and bilateral discussions over the past months, Panos Kouanis and Yariv Lerner announced their co-operation and presented the main goals of the partnership.

The immediate objective of the production service provider is to offer production service to the Nu Image films, which will be supported by EKOME and the provisions of the investment incentive Law (Greek Cash Rebate).

Besides the creation of the Production Service Provider, EKOME and Nu Boyana also announced the launch of a new internship programme which will give participants the opportunity to train in film production and post-production at Nu Boyana Film Studios. The programme will be co-funded by EKOME SA and Nu Boyana Film Studios.

Kouanis said: “We are in the process of discussing which films will come in the near future and we hold all necessary meetings with the offices of the group in London and Los Angeles as well and with the directors and leading actors, so that we can decide on which films will come and in which parts of Greece shooting will take place.”

Lerner said that this was a great opportunity for the Nu Image group given the excellent timing of the implementation of the Greek cash rebate, because in addition to the financial incentive that is very important to producers, Greece has a variety of locations and can cater to the needs of any script.

“There is now a good ground for investment in audiovisual production thanks to new initiatives such as EKOME,” said.

Lerner said that for Nu Image, the choice of Thessaloniki is of strategic importance due to its proximity to Sofia and to its being a town “with a cinema tradition”./IBNA