Greek main opposition states that SYRIZA will not stand for blackmail

Greek main opposition states that SYRIZA will not stand for blackmail


Review Hari Stefanatos

In an interview to AMNA internet television, the Parliament vice-president and head of the main opposition’s, SYRIZA, financial committee, Giannis Dragasakis, stated that “it is not our choice to exit eurozone, but we will not accept blackmail”.

He continued saying that “if someone presents us with the dilemma your life as a society or Euro, if such dilemma situations are put forward, although we do not believe that they will- they will concern the future of the Euro itself and Europe. Every threat for Greece is a threat to the other countries” to add that “our first concern is the person and dignity. Everything must be placed on a new basis. If we do not achieve this, or if we do not attempt this and just started as a continuation (of the current policies) and looked to improve what we could, failure would be certain. This is our starting point; we go in Democratic terms, in terms of popular sovereignty, in terms of the social classes, but also of wider social and national interests”.

Dragasakis stressed that the “survival equation”, for which SYRIZA will fight when it becomes government, will be “the remission of dept, development clause, financing and developmental push”, adding that “society is more than mature to listen and to take harsh measures against those who steal public money”.

The head of the main opposition financial committee concludes that “from that point onward there are details and more specialized issues; we have to ask for the repayment of the occupation loan, as well as other issues that we can utilize”.

(Source AMNA)