Greek Foreign ministry: 'We welcome fYROMacedonia's decision'

Greek Foreign ministry: 'We welcome fYROMacedonia's decision'
The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs said through an official announcement, that the fYROMacedonian decision regarding the name change of the national airport in Skopje and the national highway which leads to the border with Greece is a positive one.

"We welcome today's decision by the government of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to rename Skopje's national airport into 'National Airport of Skopje' and their main highway into "Highway of Friendship'."

Today's decision is a positive step for the reversal of the situation that had been the case in the past decade and burdened the bilateral ties. 

It is an important development towards fighting irredentism and we hope that it will signal the opening of a new chapter in the relations between the two countries", the Foreign ministry's announcement reads.../IBNA

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