Greek Foreign Ministry: “The Spanish ambassador is insulting Greece’s constitution”

Greek Foreign Ministry: “The Spanish ambassador is insulting Greece’s constitution”

With the situation in Spain being grave and the European scenery quite blurry over the Union’s actual unity, the Spanish ambassador to Athens gives an interview to a Greek paper, part of which jeopardises the fine balance between Madrid and Athens. 

Spain’s ambassador to Greece, Enrique Viguera, gave an interview to Greek newspaper “Eleftheros Typos” with some of his comments causing the high-voltage reaction of the Greek Foreign ministry.

Speaking about Catalonia and commenting on the current situation after the there referendum, that has divided Spain, Viguera said that, although “other European governments warmly supported the territorial integrity of Spain and our government’s position, statements on the issue from the part of the (Greek) government are absent.”

Athens reacted immediately, with the FM issuing this reply: “It is with surprise that we note the comments made by the ambassador of friend and ally Spain, criticising publicly the Greek government.”

Based on reports from Reuters and, the Greek Foreign Affairs ministry, accused the ambassador of “insulting Greece’s constitution by suggesting that the country’s president did not speak for the government and “stressed that the ambassador attempted to interfere in domestic politics while sources claimed that these practices refer to the ‘dark pages’ of Spain’s history.” Moreover, the Foreign ministry called on Viguera to “avoid behaving in a way that is not in line with diplomatic norms and expect that he will proceed to rescind his unfortunate statements and provide the Greek government with the necessary explanations.”

In a statement, the Greek government spokesman, Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said, “We are particularly concerned over the situation in Spain and reiterate that Europe can only advance united. Unilateral actions cannot be acceptable.”…/IBNA

Photo: AFP