Greek Finance Minister insists in his “no new measures” position

Greek Finance Minister insists in his “no new measures” position


Review by Christos T. Panagopoulos

There will be no new fiscal measures in the case of signing a new memorandum, Finance Minister, Yannis Stournaras, said on Monday.

In a radio interview, Stournaras said that in the case of a third programe and the signing of a new memorandum the government will introduce new fiscal measures but will continue implementing the existing programe of structural reforms. The Finance Minister said the economic developments were justifying the government’s forecasts over growth and noted that structural measures will enhance the economy’s growth dynamic, and brought as a example the lifting of cabotage which helped boosting tourism revenues this year.

Commenting on the defense industry he said that state subsidies considered as illegal by the European Union could be offered as supplementary pension to citizens in need, noting he was still awaiting for the proposals of the Defense ministry before submitting the government’s final plan for the future of the defense industry to the troika.

Source: AMNA