Greek exports to India up in 2016

Greek exports to India up in 2016

Greek exports to India and imports from there rose in 2016 with imports hitting a higher number -4.3% while exports grew reaching 2.7% last year.

According to the annual report on India’s economy published by the Greek embassy in the country’s capital, New Delhi, in 2015 there was an increase of 10.6% and a decline of 11.8%, respectively (exports – imports), wrote ANA-MPA.

Still, however, bilateral financial ties between the two countries are not great, “with the exception of tourism”, as the report reads.

Among the positive steps were the twenty Greek investments in India  at the same time when tourists from there are becoming more in the recent years. The report mentioned that Greek cuisine is highly valued in India, an aspect that could help the food industry while “renewable energy sources, shipping, IT and defence could become fields of joint action between the two countries.”…/IBNA

Photo: 123RF