Greek Deputy Foreign Minister resigns following scandal with fake resume

Greek Deputy Foreign Minister resigns following scandal with fake resume

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has accepted the resignation of Deputy Foreign Minister Antonis Diamataris. With this brief statement Antonis Diamataris’ removal from the government was announced.

SYRIZA insisted on his resignation after the revelation that Mr. Diamataris had made false statements in his CV, first for his master’s degree and then for his diploma. In the meantime, it was revealed that he had hired as adviser in his office a person which was being investigated by the Law, and finally that he was holding a CEO position in two companies. It is well known to the Greeks that Mr. Diamataris was hired and lasted for so much because of the special relationships he has with the Mitsotakis family for many years.

It is the first crack in the “government of excellence”, since it shakes down the government’s narrative of values ​​in the government. This incident comes after the case of Konstantinos Pateras’ appointment as chairman of the Karditsa Hospital and more importantly the appointment as head of the Secret Service of a “security officer without a diploma”, as Alexis Tsipras referred to Mr Kontoleontas yesterday.

Diatraris resigns with heavy heart

Without any mention or explanation of the false facts in his resume, Antonis Diamatarchis announced that he had submitted his resignation to the Prime Minister. Mr Diamataris cites the “personal attacks that work in a disorienting manner and affect the prime minister and undermine his work”.

In his statement, Mr. Diamataris states: “I have been dealing with the issues of the Diaspora for decades. My only concern over the years is to give to the Hellenism. That is why I very much accepted the proposal of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to take over the portfolio of the Deputy Foreign Minister in charge of Diaspora. In recent days, I have been receiving personal attacks that are disorienting in order to hurt the government and the Prime Minister, whom I love and appreciate, and to undermine my work. For this reason, I submitted, with great pain, to Kyriakos Mitsotakis my resignation from the post of Deputy Foreign Minister for the Greek Diaspora”/ibna