A Greek company decides to invest 6 million Euros in FYR Macedonia

A Greek company decides to invest 6 million Euros in FYR Macedonia

Skopje, April 16, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

A Greek company, “Harma Frut” has decided to invest 6 million Euros in former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The company announced today that until the end of the year, it will build a center for the purchase and packaging of agricultural products and refrigerators in Gevgelija, which will see an investment of three million Euros.

The decision for the investment came following consults with the minister for Foreign Investments, Dzeri Naumov and representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Water Supply.

The Greek investor has talked today with the Minister for Foreign Investments, Dzeri Naumov on the plans of the firm which has been registered under the name “Agriteka” in FYR Macedonia.

“Agritera” has been attracted by the competitive business climate that Macedonia offers to investors and offers exports of high quality agricultural products in Europe and beyond”, declared minister Naumov.

Besides the 3 million Euros which will be invested this year in the center, “Agritera” is also planning to invest another 3 million Euros.

Owner of “Agritera”, Kristos Kelesidis says that the ideal location, ideal climate and the quality of agricultural productions have been decisive in deciding to invest in this country.

“Harma frut” is one of the biggest Greek companies for the purchase of agricultural productions, with a 20 year work experience. Its products are sold in the markets of Europe, Near East and Russia. /ibna/