Greek CEOs appear pessimistic

Greek CEOs appear pessimistic

Athens, December 5/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Olga Mavrou

CEOs of companies based in Greece are less optimistic than in 2014.  According to a research by ICAP group, 39% of the participants said they had significant reduction in their salaries and 54% of them said there were considerable cuts in the staff of their companies.

A percentage of 51% of them said they would seriously consider working abroad, as long as the salary was better and the country of destination was “attractive” enough. The reason they consider working abroad in a higher percentage then in 2014  is the pressure they expect in 2016 due to the possible deterioration of the economic situation in Greece. Also the need for liquidity (in order  for their companies to meet their obligations in payments) and the pressure they expect to get in order  to obtain better results and efficacy under adverse conditions

The research and the answers of the 640  respondents were announced in a convention in Athens held by EASE (Organization of Executives of Companies) and were compared to an analogous research on 2014.